What should I buy ?

One of our key goals for our customers is to keep the whole process of buying a new computer simple and relatively jargon free, it just doesn’t need to be complicated, life it too short.

All our systems have a base computer with which you then can customize with the specifications you want. Which ever parts you choose we have made sure it will always create a fantastic PC. If you are confused please do not hesitate contacting us, we are always here to help.

The default selections in our Shop are our recommended specifications.

Below is a guide to customizing your perfect Small Form Factor (SFF) machine using our handpicked options. Reading is entirely optional. 🙂


There are three classes of Processor (CPU) used in our Home & Office, Gaming and Productivity systems to choose from. Each model has a preset CPU type. Think of the CPU as the brains, the bigger the brain the faster your computer can think.

Intel i3 – Dual core and perfect for general office, home, media & internet use.

Intel i5 – Dual core which sits in the middle of being great for the office & home while having the horsepower to run powerful productivity apps quickly.

Intel i7 – Quad core performance which will power through the most demanding applications with ease.


Our Gaming machines come with powerful Nvidia Geforce or AMD Radeon graphics cards in various configurations for fabulous Full HD gaming. Our Home & Office machines can also handle basic gaming tasks (think Minecraft here).  Productivity machines have Nvidia Quadro graphics for computational power.


Portions of your Operating System (Windows), data and apps you run are copied to memory (RAM) for access by the CPU. This ensures everything can be processed in a instant when required. The more RAM you have, the more information can be stored in this fast memory. When this RAM runs low data not in use is written to the slower storage in the PC. We offer three options –

8GB – Enough RAM for pretty much anything you will use or run and only the most demanding apps and games may force paging to slower storage.

16GBRECOMMENDED. This is the sweet spot for RAM size. You can run even the most demanding apps without paging to disk. Most people would never need more for normal use.

32GB – This is a monster amount of memory to have in a machine, and you will be able to run multiple large demanding applications with ease.

STORAGE (Hard Disk \ SSD)

This is where all your data is stored. Your documents, your photos… everything. Just a few years back most machines had mechanical spinning disks holding this data, but now we have moved to reliable Solid State Disks (SSD) which stores your data in flash memory. These SSD drives are many times faster than the old mechanical hard disk drives meaning your computer feels super fast and everything loads in seconds.

We have three capacity options available for storage using the M.2 SATA interface.

500GB (0.5TB) – Perfect for a lightly used home, office, internet machine, especially if you don’t have many photos or videos to store.

1000GB (1TB) – RECOMMENDED. Plenty of fast storage for a large quantity of data including photos, music, videos etc etc

2000GB (2TB) – Most people do not use more data than this, you could literally store a lifetimes photos on one.

There is one more option using the much faster M.2 PCIe interface.

1000GB (1TB) NVMe  – This drive give much faster read and write performance and should be considered if this is important to you. It is the default option on our Productivity systems as they will often be handling large quantity’s of data.


Monitors come in so many variations it’s a real minefield. If you have an existing monitor already you could select not to include one (ensuring you have a HDMI connection to use), but we recommend replacing your screen.

We supply what most people need and they all use IPS screen technology for great viewing angles and colour reproduction.  The following resolutions are available –

1080P FULL HD  – Monitors with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels

4K UHD – Monitors with a resolution of 3840 * 2160 pixels

We supply the screens in four sizes. Choose a size and resolution that suits your needs – 

22″ 1080P

24″ 1080P


27″ 4K

32″ 4K


Computers need to run an operating system, this is usually Windows 10. We offer our systems configured with two variations of Windows 10 –

Windows 10 Home – RECOMMENDED

Windows 10 Professional

For most users Windows 10 Home should be the choice.  Windows 10 Professional adds the following features which mostly are of little use unless you are using the machine in a larger company, where you may need data encryption and to be part of the company network.

Domain Join, Group Policy Management, Bitlocker, Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE), Assigned Access 8.1, Remote Desktop, Client Hyper-V, and Direct Access


Though modern solid state disks (SSD) are crazy reliable, having a 2nd physical device to keep your data in is a very wise idea. We have a range of sizes available to select if you wish. Don’t keep your important ‘eggs in one basket!


This is our service charge (including VAT) .  It covers our costs to provide the following –

  • Ordering
  • Building
  • Installing
  • Configuring
  • Testing
  • Shipping
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Warranty services
  • Site running costs
  • Our wages

We offer ‘with and without’ shipping options for those who wish to collect in person. Also is an option for us to locally deliver in person within a 10 mile radius of Bournemouth. (though we can travel further distance on request)