Our Concept

Here at Really Small Computers we have two missions, both being quite unique.

  • Provide complete transparency on pricing
  • Supply only miniature custom computers in a clear and relatively jargon free way


All parts in our custom configurations are listed at the price we pay for them, this is the price you pay. There are no markups or margins. We then charge a small extra fee on top of this price to cover the following –

  • Ordering
  • Building
  • Installing
  • Configuring
  • Testing
  • Shipping
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Warranty services
  • Site running costs
  • Our wages

We think this new way of providing top quality custom hardware is the future and we believe we are the first to be brave enough to provide it. Even with this small extra charge we are hundreds of pounds cheaper than the few other sites offering similar products to us.

This unique way of pricing computers means we are totally transparent in what we sell, you know the actual cost of the computer and how much money we are charging to provide it. Our pricing concept also means, unlike everyone else, we have nothing to gain financially by persuading you to buy unneeded ‘extras’, so you can trust our advice 100%.

Our computer components may not be purchased as cheaply as the multi-million pound company’s that have taken over, but our personal service, trustworthy advice and service more than make up for this.


As Steve Jobs (ex Apple CEO) once said ‘we are in the post PC age’. In a way he was right, with mobile phones and tablets being so powerful. However, there is still need for good Windows based computers for the Home & Office, Gaming and Productivity use. This is where the revolution is now taking place with advances in miniaturization. Gone is the need for huge desktop machines taking up all your space and consuming expensive amounts of power, we now have another option.

We choose only the best small form factor (SFF) machines to base our custom builds on and cherry pick the best components being careful to not spend money of parts that add little to perceivable performance that you don’t need.