Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty do your systems have ?

Our systems are cherry picked for reliability but on the very rare occasion a fault does develop all our hardware supplied has a one year no quibble warranty, though the various components may have much longer warranty periods which we will honor also. We can also help diagnose software issues for you remotely if required which most of the time is all that is needed.

What is the cost and length of technical support services ?

Our technical support services to customers are free for life.

What brand & model of components do you use ?

We use which ever brand & model of component we feel gives the best performance to price ratio while being super reliable. We only use major manufacturers including Gigabyte, Zotac, Intel, Western Digital, Corsair, LG and Logitech. We make these decisions so you don’t have to worry!

Does the small size of your computers effect performance ?

This used to be the case, but with modern CPUs, SSD and computer architecture this is no longer a given and our SFF computers perform incredibly fast.

How long does my custom computer build take ?

Your custom computer will usually be built, configured, tested and shipped to you within 4 working days. You will be notified once complete.

If you don’t markup your hardware prices why are the prices similar to other stores ?

We don’t have the buying power of a large corporate company, but we are still hundreds of pounds cheaper for total system cost than our few competitors. 

Do you store my card details ?

We use PayPal to process your card payments. As such we do not store or have access to the details.

Is PayPal secure ?

PayPal is the most largest and most trusted card processing company in the world. You do not need to be a member to use the service and PayPal provide great buyer protection.

Why do you charge for PayPal checkout ?

PayPal charge us 2.9% on all transactions. On an expensive computer and with our low (and transparent) profit margins we would make a near loss on every system payed for using PayPal. If you do not wish to pay this charge please pay via Bank Transfer or Cash options. This charge also allows PayPal to offer complete protection on your purchase even when a debit card is used.

Do you accept cash on collection or bank transfer ?

Please choose this option on checkout.

Why so few choices of computers and components ?

With today’s powerful systems, hardware has raced ahead of software needs. As such we cherry pick just the right balance of price, performance and custom options so you end up with the perfect computer without the needless complication of hundreds of choices.

Are you VAT registered ?

Yes we are VAT registered and provide VAT invoices with all orders. UK VAT# GB127916889

How long have Really Small Computers been trading ?

We are an expansion of a small group of private businesses. Our current flagship business is BikeVis, who have been trading for over 10 years with over 14,000 happy customers. We have been selling high performance computers for many years, however this website, brand and concept are new.